Thoughts ... Shared with You


'Truly -  with all the things I have done in this life, filled with

energy &  inspiration ... loving the waiting canvas which gradually

takes on a special life of its own,

thankful for the music compositions, the piano playing,

the gift of writing, etc ... it  seemed there was still a void   ... a

constant, sad & unsettling feeling ... which haunted me.



For, after the music stopped flowing from my fingers on the key-board ...

there was silence with the composition pages scattered on the piano,

or,  just buried in my memory.

And, the writing ... yes ... somewhat the same ... always nicking at

me with the stacked journals & scattered pages ... seeming to come alive,

only  when I saw someone actually reading the words.



How blessed I am at this stage in my life journey  - to have finally found

a medium of creating ... sharing ... &  communicating with others

who are like mind & heart ... with the same gifts to offer ....

Those times of communication,  posting art & writings on the newly

discovered news groups & galleries - with sharing of techniques &

encouragement - were heady & filled me with inspiration to learn & create.

I was no longer alone ... creating in a vacumn.  

Ah, the computer.

This grandmother  ... is still amazed & thrilled  with it all.



Then ... the next step ... the Web-Site .... which  foolishly I

procrastinated on creating for so long ... never dreaming it could truly be

a living wall  to present the art & its message ...& a page to hold the writings

& midi-music.  A  constant offering .... Always there

for those who might come to visit.



You know  ... we artists can  have an outreach far beyond

our imagination ... not limited to a  gallery exhibition, for a short while

in a certain building, on a certain street, in a certain town, in a

certain country ....

We that write ... as I am writing this ... need no agent,

editor or publisher;  simply the courage to place our words on

"Our Place" on the internet.

Our  galleries and writing chambers have no confines

whatsoever ... and,  they can be alive and lasting ... ever extending,

offering the fruits of our lives ... our  work & talent, our visions & dreams.



Dear Visitor ... know at the close of each day ... I go to my Web-Site

& check the number on the counter.  You may smile when you picture this ...

yet, be  assured it is not from vanity  .... Rather - it speaks sweet assurance

to my heart - a confirmation,  "This day ... my life,   my vision &  message

has linked & touched others." 

What a joy !

Dear Guest ... I'm so glad You are with me & sharing my thoughts.


Grandmother Beth 


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