Let me be as Abraham ...

Obedient, trusting, and patient, and, most of all ...

"Chosen" by You, my Lord.


Let me be as David ...

'after ... Your own heart'

writing words of You

singing psalms with sweet music for You

throwing myself constantly on Your mercy

trusting Your grace and eternal love.


Let me be as Elijah ...

let Your 'mantle' fall on me,

lay Your hand on me I pray,

touch me with that special anointing,

without You ... I am nothing.


Let me be as Peter ...

leaving his fishing nets behind,

following in obedience, with childlike faith

yielding his human nature to God's touch,

repentant of his sin ... yet, courageous,

lifting himself from the ashes of his denial

to proclaim the truth of Christ ... his Redeemer,

giving himself completely,

forsaking his life,  even to death.


Let me be as Paul ...

chosen by special direction from God,

filled with insight and divine anointing,

teaching the hidden truths of God to man,

endowed with power and logic ...

truly dead to "Self" ...

living with eternal precepts,

guided by supernatural revelation,

dying a victor in Christ!


All these men were obedient to Your divine calling.

All failed at times, yet remained yielded to Your purpose.


This alone is my desire ... constantly channeling me.

I desire no less ... I vow, to give ... no less.

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