Grandmother Beth's Journal Writings


"Making Decisions"


Don't be afraid my dear Son...

place each decision in His hands - and trust.

 Always let your heart & soul lead you - after you sincerely pray.

If the rational and logic of the mind seems to confuse you - then pivot

away from the snare of that confusion and lift your eyes to God; in faith,

 place your life & tomorrows in His providence.   If we ask Him to open the

doors we should enter & close the doors we should not enter - He will

do just that ... while we wait for His leadership - each hour, one day

at a time.


 My Son ... consciously determine to turn your thoughts toward eternal

values ... ever mindful to carefully weigh each aspect, and every

condition that face you in your decisions ... by the scales of  "what

will please my Lord the most" ... "what will keep my soul in touch with

God and ready for heaven" ... and, you will discover the way is made

quiet simple by these eternal tests.


Then, when the hard times come ... and they will come to all of us ... it

is the way of life - You can find strength and a sure foundation on which

to stand  - giving you strength in life’s struggles.  You will find balance

and conviction, followed by the peace which comes from knowing God,

and His truths and purposes were the stronghold of your decisions. The

truths of God's Word becomes the rock we can stand on in the storm...

until the morning calm fills our lives and souls again.


All of this ... I claim in faith for you.... knowing I am writing the truth

of God's word.   "Seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things

will be added unto you."  Luke 12:31 When we read this chapter

we find that Jesus addressed the fears of man ... one by one...

naming them ... then summing up the situation with this promise.


Simply, my son ... by yielding our minds, heart & soul.. our days

and years into His hand ... praying always that He forgives us for our

failures and sins - and will hold us close to Him; seeking His guidance

 ...and placing our life in his Hands ... seeking Him to lift our thoughts,

that they might be as His thoughts ... to help us speak the words He

would have us say ... entreating Him to give us love and compassion

for those around us ... even as He loves and gave His life ... even unto

death for us.


Thus ... the seeking of God for our lives ... And, dearest son ... He

will fill your life with love and peace that passes all understanding.


I love you



Journal ... Letter to Son ... March 2000


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