Passion, and intense affection has become
      such a faded memory.
There was once a time I lived with the
      precious feeling of a man's desire.
When you lose, or 'settle' for years ...
      with substitute of everything else,
      deemed important and of value in life;
      You will erode!

Now, I truly can't draw up a convincing fantasy

      of any man, known or invented, which could,
      or would burn with desire for me ...
      or be overcome with passion.

It seems I have taken all those photographs of

      remembered times, so long ago .... and
      hidden them in some album which has been lost,
      and,  it is better ... not to look for it!

We don't  have portraits of passion's face ...

      the fusing of two hearts and entire beings
      into one breathless, loving, weeping entity.

It would be improper and

      immoral to take such
      an intimate snap-shot.

Be we all who have loved;   we all who have

      valiantly attempted to fill the void
      with out silence,  or ignore the subject;

We must admit ... there are those treasured

      pictures of the mind,   hidden away and
      buried neath layers of scars and denial.

Once in a while ... a flash darts through our

      unguarded mind, and we see the scene again
      'freeze-framed' ...
      intense, beautiful and ... alive as yesterday.

Sadness always fills me ... questions which I long

     ceased to seek the answer,   whisper again ....
     and pick my heart.

Dallas Beth Williams Gibson


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