Old postcards notes tucked away in drawers.

Hotel credit slips found in the bottom of my purse.

Creased and torn airline tickets tucked in pockets.

Wooden and brass award plaques, proof of my success?

Prized trophies now scratched and stacked on closet shelves.

Yellowed, clipped, advertisements, seeking business ...

my youthful, ten year ago, picture gracing their corners ...

tucked, and forgotten in old notebooks like this one.

Heavy peso coins clinking in old travel satchels.

Battered straw gypsy hat stored on closet top shelf.

These Relics are the proof of my living?



Only the melodies the glorious compositions

preserved on tapes ...labeled with scribbled haste ...

  dated with month and year, and faded title.

These are Real


Endless collection of tattered spiral tablets

different colored ink from discarded pens

Pages spilling over reaching out

catching my heart message soul muse, calling me

These are Real

The "Footprints" of My Years!

Dallas Beth Williams Gibson written l990

Chamber Contents