How wide is that circle
      recognized and accepted
      as part of your sphere?

Why does man choose small focus ...

     compromising a flashing glimpse
     of that which could be "His."
Influenced and shaped by preceding
     generation's confining limits ...
     relaxing into his comfortable furrow
     known to stretch just "so far"
Haunted by ignored and discarded dreams ...
      squelched by circumstances, or peer pressure,
     questioning all that which is unkown,
     avoiding that which "slices through"
Muffling his roar ... until his sound
     blends in with the background;
     content with just a change of melody,
     framed by known boundaries of his time?


Could my voice in prayer
     stop the sun?
     part the sea?
     crumble a wall?
Could my heart cry out with such a touch
     to change the mind of God
     that men would live, not die,
     my prayer calling for mercy
     appealing their cause?
Would I build the ark before the rain?
Would I stretch forth my rod before the Red Sea?
Man argues,
"What will be ... will be."
Not so!
Why then should man pray?
Why a God?
A God who bids us to come before His throne and offer up our
      prayers with faith in His power
Even as I pen these words ...
I quake with the enormity of the responsibility -
even as it excites and challenges my mind and soul! 
The scripture states,  "We have not, because we ask not!"

Can I contentded be

to shrug off and claim this concept, this wider sphere ...
as radical and far-fetched?


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen."   Hebrews 11:1


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