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Deep River Magic


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Fire Glow


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Tree Poem



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Silver Daybreak



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Blue Heavens


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Sky Storm

   "The Heavens are God's Canvas."

  Isn't it so?

No matter how the troubles & confusions of this frantic modern world may weigh

the heart & soul of man down at times ... If we but lift up our eyes ... turning

turning our gaze upward, away from all that surrounds us on this plane ...

our heart, soul & mind can  be set free ...

to behold and marvel at His handiwork.

  I watch the clouds move ... shifting lights & shadows ...

and, my faith seems to rise ... wings outstretched ... sailing upward ..

and all is good."

Nat  ...   Thank you for inspiring me to write this ...

Grandmother Beth


Letter from Nathanial Harari - Traveling Uncle Nat

   December 15, l999

"I was walking on the beach last week here in Tel Aviv, and the sky at sunset was

phenomenal.  It was like a painting with hundreds of wispy thin clouds of varying hues & colors

all streaking out across the sky ... it was just beautiful.  I wish I had been carrying my camera.

Anyway, I was walking with my brother & I told him how it was a perfect sunset like you make.

So I told him about your work &  he went to your site & really loved it. :>) 

Every time I see a perfect sky, I am reminded of you."


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