The pictures on the gallery pages are images I have created since January, l998 until present. I have used Bryce2, Bryce3 & Bryce4 to render landscapes and other environments. Some pictures have been imported to CorelPhotoPaint8 KPT filters adding a effects. If there are objects in a picture, they either came with Bryce3 or Bryce 4, or were downloaded at 3DCafe. I will credit the creator of the objects only if I have such information available. If you have made an object and find it on my web pages in any kind of image, send me an email and tell me that you have made that specific object and you will be credited for that creation on the page with that image.

All images made by me at my gallery pages are 600x400, 800x600 or 1024 x 768 and 16 bit colors as original but changed in size to fit the pages and to save on the web space. I retain the original Bryce working file (brc.) as proof of originality and ownership. If you want to use them as background on a web page - please let me know by e-mail - and, I will, in turn, give you written permission for its usage. However, I do hope you feel free to use any of the images as desk-top art for your enjoyment.

And, please, if you use my pictures or other creations made by me on any of your web pages, please notify me by e-mail - I will, in turn, give you written permission for its usage - with the request that you put a link to my site with a text which tells your visitor that I have made the picture. You can, if you wish, use any of these banners to link to my web pages. I will be honored by the compliment of your linking to my site .... and would be pleased to in turn link to yours. Just contact me by e-mail ...


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The writings in the Writer's Chamber are original and are not to be used without written permission. They were written over the span of l960 until present. I retain the original drafts and manuscripts as proof of originality and ownership. The writings contained in Bwana Bill's portion of the site are original, and written from l997 until present. He retains the original manuscripts as proof of originality and ownership. If you use any of the writings ... please e-mail me and let me know ... We will be happy they are serving as inspirationi to others.


Beth Williams Gibson - May 6, l999

William Gibson - May 6, l999