The Broken Vessel


Alone, on the shelf the vessel lay
Covered with cobwebs and dust.
Cast aside, each passing year.
Its beauty tarnished with rust.
Once, long ago, in banquet halls
It held the rich and the sweet;
Then, careless hands, its beauty marred
As it fell at the servant's feet.
Seeking a vessel for service dear
The Master found the vase.
With tender hands He lifted it near,
Remembered its beauty and grace.
With forgiving hands, He molded anew
The broken lump of clay.
His love and grace, its beauty restored
To serve the Master each day.



Lord, leave me not on the shelf of this life ... a broken
and foolish vessel ... tarnished by failure and trapped by
the cobwebs and snares of my years.
Let my tears of repentance and love for You soften the
brittle clay of my heart.  Remember me, Oh Lord ... and
with Your tender mercies, lift me once again into Your
forgiving hands.
Mold me anew, and shape me with Divine pattern of strength
to withstand the stress of daily use.
Fill me with Your love and spirit.  Cast me not away ... use
me this day.  Let Your love and understanding flow through
my life - to quench the lonely thirst of mankind around me.

Dallas Beth Williams Gibson


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